3 Tips for Your Personal Gold Success

How do you win gold?

OK relax, I haven’t gone all sporty on you, but I have been inspired by the background stories of some wonderful athletes  lately and I’ve noticed three main trends emerging in  interviews with the most successful:

1. All the winners had a dream, a very clear vision of what success meant to them and they pursued it to their utmost.

2. They all had failures along the way but had absorbed them and learned from them; they saw stumbling now and again as as inevitable part of the road to success.

3. They helped others and were generous with their praise of those who had helped them. They knew they hadn’t done it on their own but that picking the right people to be around them was also a crucial factor in their success.

Many of the women I work with, or who attend my women’s personal development courses are taking the opportunity to invest in themselves and work out what going for gold means for them. It isn’t all about power and status – sometimes it’s about downsizing as well as going on up. The definition of success is different for everyone – do you know what yours is?

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2 Responses to “3 Tips for Your Personal Gold Success”

  1. TD Margaret says:

    That is so true Jane. If we want something enough,there is no limit to what we can achieve.

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