You Can Talk to Yourself!

An odd little email plopped into my box the other day. It said: “Now you know this works you can tell everyone about it”.

I thought it was a particularly clever advertising campaign, well maybe a too clever by half campaign, as I couldn’t work out what it was advertising!

And then I realised it was an email I had sent myself a year ago. I’m not actually as mad as a box of frogs but I have discovered, and now I know it works I can tell you about it! (And I’m not being sponsored to do this – it’s a free service).

Keep Motivated

When I’m running my Renewyou course I give participants the offer of sending themselves a motivational letter which I post on at an agreed time. But now I also offer them the opportunity to use futureme to send themselves more frequent reminders of their intentions and to keep themselves on track.

Try it out and while you’re there take a look at some of the ‘open’ messages. Some are heartbreakingly sad and some are very amusing; here’s one example:

“It’s your birthday, baby… 1 year left to 30.

Dear FutureMe,

Are you out of debt? Are you pregnant? Are you back in school? Do you have a house?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, WAKE UP!!! You have been this way for too long now. Get a better job. If the business isn’t suceeding by now, it never will. Sell, and use the money for a house. Have some freaking babies already!

On the baby topic… Have you treated your cervical cancer yet? If not, you’re going to die. You’re only 29.

You have 1 year to accomplish these basic goals, things you originally wanted to do by 25. So get moving! You can’t slack off forever.

Good luck with the next year, baby. You’ll need it.”

Of course, you never get to know the answers and can only wonder what actually happened.  But rest assured, you don’t have to make your email public. You can choose to tick the public or private box.

What would you write to yourself about?

Photo Credit: Julian Tromeur


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2 Responses to “You Can Talk to Yourself!”

  1. sue ritchie says:

    What an amazing idea!! Great to share with clients, I can imagine that this would be very powerful to use.
    Thanks so much for sharing this Jane, I am going to try it out!

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