You Are Wonderful!

Repeat after me, out loud “I am wonderful!”

No, not me, you. You are truly amazing.

I work with women most of my working life. And I can bear out the research and statistics about women – women undersell themselves. It’s rare for me to begin work with a woman who truly knows her value.

Men over play, women under play

Research after research shows that generally women hold back at interview or in games, competitions etc from blowing their own trumpets. Men do the reverse. Good for the men I say but it does mean that skills gaps between men and women can become totally skewed. Men can look disproportionately ‘better’ than women.

And it also means that if we continually undersell ourselves we will begin to lose confidence in ourselves and a vicious circle ensues.

A Wonderful Exercise!

So do this exercise now. List a minimum of 30, yes THIRTY, really positive things about yourself.  They can be qualifications if you like, but think broadly across all spectra of wonderfulness.

Like personality traits, for example. Are you a good friend? Explore that a bit further. Why are you a good friend? What do you do that makes you a good friend? Are you loyal? A good listener perhaps? From that one trait you may extract 3 or more positive things about yourself.

Don’t take too long. Just get them down.

Now look down your list. You have these qualities. You may not be conscious of them across all areas of your life, you may not even have developed them as much as you wish, but you have them. You have masses of qualities and positive traits to develop and work with and be wonderful with. You can transfer those qualities across your life so your resilience in dealing with a personal issues can help you cope with a change at work.

Don’t undersell yourself and don’t underestimate the confidence boost you can get by focussing your energy on your positive qualities. Remember, you are wonderful.

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