Would You Like a Coffee?

Research published from the Harvard School of Public Health seems to be telling us women that coffee is good for us. Good for us in respect of warding off clinical depression.

It was a pretty comprehensive study and research from Harvard is not to be sniffed at.

The epidemiological study tracked 51,000 women who drank 4 cups of coffee a day over a 10 year period. They found that women who regularly drank coffee has 20% less cases of severe clinical depression than those who didn’t.

Men and Coffee

The research was actually only carried out on women but a much smaller project on men suggests it might well work with them too.

Friends Are Good for You

I’m with Lisa Appignanesi, Guardian journalist on this matter. She asks in a recent column, is it just the coffee or is it the circumstances in which the coffee is drunk? There is a lot of research and anecdotal evidence about the importance of women’s friendships and the connection with the release of the hormone oxytocin (see Women, Have You Got a Good Friend?) Women get a boost from being with other women friends. Maybe women who regularly drink coffee are doing so in the company of friends? I’ve long thought the friendship aspect explains why we women live longer!

Go Grab a Friend & a Coffee

Well, the research doesn’t say that it doesn’t work if you do drink with friends so I’d go for it! It’s medicinal, you owe it to yourself! Go grab a good friend and get that coffee pot out! Excuse me now, got to grind some beans…

Photo Credit: Pam Boyd


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4 Responses to “Would You Like a Coffee?”

  1. Babs says:

    I love coffee but as I get older I drink less – do I like it less? No it just makes me run to the loo! Enjoyed reading the post 🙂

  2. We are just so incredibly sociable and always doing lots of things at the same time that coffee does it for us. It makes us stop what we are doing, take time for ourselves and chat and share. You can’t beat coffee with friends.

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