Women Together – A Class Act

I have just finished one of my Renewyou courses at a great hotel in Bristol. I am very tired but very happy and energised at one and the same time. What a wonderful collection of women I have just had the privilege of spending a day with.

There really is something magical about a group of women all working together to support and help each other. It truly plays to our strengths; the feeling of trust, caring and respect that was engendered was almost palpable.

I wish some of those people who tell me women are ‘bitchy’ and ‘uncooperative’ together could have seen the magic that happened yesterday. Of course, everyone had a common purpose, to make a positive change in their lives, but already I’ve had enough comments from them to know that something else happened. There was a generosity of spirit that will reward both the givers and receivers. These are not women who will be pulling up the ladder behind them but reaching out to help other women.

So to all you women who were with me yesterday in Bristol, I sincerely thank you. It was a very special day for me too. I wish you success in all your endeavours. I know you will be fabulous!

One’s prime is elusive. You little girls, when you grow up, must be on the alert to recognize your prime at whatever time of your life it may occur.” Murial Spark in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.

RenewYou Women, you are most definitely in your prime now! Grab it with both hands!

Women’s friendships are important.

Photo Credit: West Suburban -Women’s friendship group


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5 Responses to “Women Together – A Class Act”

  1. Jayne M Cox says:

    You are so right Jane. The power of women working together for each other is a wonderful thing to witness and experience. I recently blogged about walking with or stepping over each other.

    I know you truly walk with, as I do…Well done and may you keep on sharing!

  2. Amanda Green says:

    Women working together like this is great, but I had support and have gained lots of friendships when I got divorced.

    There is a website called: http://www.wikivorce.com. They offer legal and practical advice and help but they also have a chat room! This was invaluable to me and others and the friendships I have made via this website have stayed with me years later. I have friends mainly in the uk, but also the States and Australia, who I chat to via Skype and MSN or the phone and I have got a best friend in Wales who I get together with several times a year and we have supported each other through some rough times. Its brilliant! I can recommend it.

    • Jane says:

      Thanks Amanda. It’s amazing how supportive social media can be. In fact, two of my participants on my last course came because of our contact through twitter, and two via LinkedIn.

  3. Ceri says:

    Jane, I believe that women have tremendous generosity of spirit.In the last eighteen months I have met some incredible women who have totally transformed their lives midlife, and who have gone to be successful in al sorts of areas, from setting up businesses and writing books to quite literally climbing mountains. What they have all had in common was the determination to share their experience and support other women who were in need of a ‘friend’. They have all been generous with their time, seeing themselves as part of a ‘sisterhood’ wanting others to be happy and happy to share their various journeys hoping others might find the same success and happiness

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