Women Suffer More Than Men!

November 2011 and the latest set of figures to be released by the Government show that 1.02 million women were unemployed by September this year. That’s the highest level since 1988, when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister.

The figures reveal a sharp divide between the genders, with women coming of far worse than men.

Unemployment among men fell by 40,000 during the quarter-year to September, to reach 1.43 million; at the same time, the number of women out of work rose by 31,000.

The headline employment figures are boosted by a record 4 million workers setting up as self-employed, and tens of thousands more people taking part-time and temporary jobs because they can’t find permanent, full-time work. I don’t know how many of those are women and what sort of salaries they are earning, but I’d be really interested to find out. (See Women, Where’s Your Ambition?) In my experience of coaching women, self employment is one way women escape the male dominated world of work. Sam Roddick had some pithy things to say about that too!

I don’t know, maybe David does need his special advisor! Sam, (Roddick, not Cameron) you got much on…?

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