Women, Nottingham is Place to Be!

As someone who has spent a lot of time working within local government it was so heartening to read this about senior women at the week end:

Nottinghamshire’s great and good were out in force, including the chief constable, the city council’s chief executive, the head of the probation service, the governor of a sex offenders’ prison, the sheriff (yes the sheriff of Nottingham, surely the most famous sheriff title in the world), the high sheriff, the university’s pro-vice chancellor, a former chief nursing officer, the head of children’s services … and every single one of them was a woman. Also there was the country’s first female black High Court judge.

“In addition the whole evening was put together by a woman, aforementioned High Sheriff Amanda Farr, and Mental Health Research UK founded by a woman, Claire Chilvers.”

This was from the blog of Alastair Campbell written in January and it’s great that he took the time to acknowledge the women involved.

But isn’t it sad that it was something of note?


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