Women and Confidence

I was listening to Deborah Meaden recently, a hugely successful businesswoman and member of the Dragon’s Den TV programme panel.

Deborah was asked why there are so few women in business at her level. She replied that lack of confidence in their own abilities was a huge factor. She used one image which rang so true from my coaching experiences. Deborah described a group of women at a networking or business event, all very successful high achievers. And she said, everyone of them will be wondering why they have been invited and are there in the company of such amazing women!

It is so true! I have spoken with countless women who have a ‘I will get found out one day’ feeling! They think that they are not as good as other people perceive them to be! We know this from research; women consistently undersell themselves on C.V.s, at interview, ask for less money for jobs, bank loans etc.

Come on women, time to sit up straight(!) and know your own worth. Deborah told you so and who are you to argue with her!

By the way, Deborah has a book out, Common Sense Rules which you can order via Amazon or any good bookshop!


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