Who Is In Your Fan Club?

You will have supporters in life

and you will have detractors in life

and you will have couldn’t care much one way or the others in your life.

The ‘couldn’t care much one way or the others’ may help you if you ask them. They probably won’t do you any harm. You could get to know them better – find out what makes them tick and offer help and assistance to them. Who knows, in time they may join your supporters club.

The detractors may take up more of your time that necessary; we tend to get caught up with stuff like that when sometimes the best answer is just to let go. Decide that they won’t upset you and don’t respond. A waste of your energy.

Which leaves your supporters.

Do you know who your supporters are? Are you paying them enough attention? Are you supporting in return?

PHoto Credit: Duchessa


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