What’s the Chances of Women Quotas on Boards with a Largely Male Government?

There are 648 elected MPs in the British Parliament

Women sitting in the House of Commons.

At the General Election of May 2010 143 women, 22% of the total, were elected as Members of Parliament, the highest number ever with one in five MPs now a woman.

Of these MPs:

49 are Conservative;

7 Liberal Democrats;

81 Labour;

1 Green Party;

1Scottish National Party;

1 Social Democrat & Labour Party;

1 Sinn Fein;

1 Alliance and1 Independent

Of the three main parties:

Labour has the highest proportion of women MPs, 31%;

the Conservatives have 16%

and Liberal Democrats 12%.

(Source House of Commons Information fact-sheets)

Will a male dominated government ever truly challenge the status quo? Will we see quotas for women on company boards introduced in UK?

Why so few women in parliament? Well, if you’re a regular reader you’ll know my response to that. Men designed how our parliament works and it works well for men. It doesn’t work well for women; it was designed with only one half of the population in mind.

My personal view is that until we do introduce quotas, little will change. It’s a conclusion I come to reluctantly.

Read what one of my favourite feminist journalists, Suzanne Moore has to say on the topic here.

What do YOU think?

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