What Can You ‘Upcycle’ in Your Life?

I love that word ‘‘upcycle‘.  It means reuse something, recycle something by adding something to it. Not throwing something away when it appears to have outlived its usefulness to you, but doing something to it which adds to its value or appeal.

New for Old

I was prompted to write this following a short break from work with my daughter, (I recommended a break if you can-you’ll find yourselves thinking about loads of things you can upcycle without even trying!)

In my absence my darling husband had begun work on painting our kitchen units. Last year we upgraded the work tops to blue pearl granite (gorgeous since you ask) but kept the solid wood cupboards as they were still in perfect order. But they had a wood stain which was out of keeping with the granite and the rest of the updated room; they’d lost their appeal. And so ‘we’ decided to repaint them. (In the interests of full disclosure I should probably mention here that I made the decision, husband ended up painting….)

Little Things Can Make a BIG Difference

In the way of things this has taken a while…but coming back from my holiday I was amazed at what a difference those few cans of paint have made. (And, of course,the blood sweat and tears that have been shed while I was sunning myself by the pool, with a Pina Colada, thinking about upcycling my business…)

Anyway, back to the point! Seeing my cupboards painted has cast the kitchen in a whole new light, literally and metaphorically. The bright colour makes the room look better but also other parts of the old kitchen appear brighter and better. It has enhanced much more than the cupboards themselves.

And that change has made me think about other aspects of my life, or more specifically my business. I’m going to take some time to think about where I can add value without losing my essential core.

What parts of your life could do with a bit of a review? How can you add value to your career, your life, without losing the essential you, while being true to yourself?

When did you last ‘upcycle’ you?

Photo credit: Kslyesmith


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