Two Questions to Ask Today!

Just for today, why not try and have an Appreciative Inquiry day?

  • Appreciation means to recognize and value the contributions or attributes of things and people around us.
  • Inquiry means to explore and discover, in the spirit of seeking to better understand, and being open to new possibilities.

Put the two together and this means that by appreciating what is good and valuable in the present situation, we can discover and learn about ways to effect positive change for the future. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Of course it’s not quite that simple, especially if we have got stuck in another way of behaving. But if you practice it does become easier, I promise!

Have a go at it for the next 24 hours. Think of it as your Pollyanna personna!

Your two questions for today are:

  1. What is working well in my life, what is good?
  2. How can I do more of it?

That’s it! Just two simple questions. Give it a whirl and let me know how you get on. No negativity allowed all day…

Photo Credit: Andrejs Pidjass


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