Twisted Sister?

Tights in a Twist?

You know how it is; you get up in a rush, grab a pair of tights (pantyhose)  from the drawer you meant to sort out at the week end, hurriedly check for holes and pull them on.

A quick look in the mirror, all seems OK, then the mad dash for work and before you know it you’re in your first meeting of the day.

But something’s not quite right.

Somehow those tights have become twisted. They are the ones you discarded last week but somehow escaped the bin and stayed in your drawer. You’re so uncomfortable. You give them a surreptitious hitch but it only serves to make matters worse.

Your first meeting is with a new client you really want to impress. As you lean forward to listen intently you feel it – that movement down your leg like a feather gently travelling from thigh down to toe. You freeze. Oh no, a ladder. By dint of not moving too much you can trap it at knee height before it travels into full view but it’s not a comfortable place to be. Your face is contorted with the effort of smiling and manoeuvring your legs in such a way to stop the run and it’s not a good look. You’re really not giving of your best….

Preparation is All

Sometimes you just have to sort out your tights drawer and throw out the ones that aren’t up to the job any more. For times when you need to give of your best you need to have the best around you. Be it equipment, people, or tights! How many pairs of twisted tights are there in your life right now? Maybe it’s time to have a sort out?

Photo Credit: John Nyberg


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2 Responses to “Twisted Sister?”

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  2. Naomi says:

    Jane I think that is a great way of looking at life and business. We need to leave the old and be better prepared for the what is to come. We need to make sure everything is in order and not to rush things.

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