Too Young to Get Old

Every so often I get sent a book to review that I would actually read myself for pleasure! And Too Young to Get Old by Christine Webber falls into that category.

Subtitled ‘The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Living Life to the Full’ it’s a well written guide to getting older covering all aspects of ageing for women. Christine’s style is engaging, friendly and draws you in. You’ll find relevant case studies and good advice for further reading. And some entertaining cartoons!

The book covers health, finance, relationships – platonic and sexual – beauty, and, as you’d expect from a psychotherapist, mental attitudes to ageing. Christine consults with a wide range of experts as well as using the results of her own questionnaire to women in their prime!

Extract: Livening Up a Long-Term Relationship

Here’s a short extract to give you an idea of Christine’s style and see how she begins to tackle the potentially toe curling (if you’re lucky!) subject of sex and older women.

Often – and rather gloriously – a long term relationship becomes closer and warmer with age. If we’re lucky, the kids are off our hands and we may realise just how much we value the companionship our partner offers. Sex sometimes improves too. it might not have the breathless passion of our earlier days, but many women report it as being enjoyable, reassuring and rewarding – and an essential part of  a genuinely authentic and loving relationship.

And when it’ s not satisfactory her advice is:

…my suggestion is that you liven up your mind, which – after all – is a woman’ s key erogenous zone. Try talking to each other in bed what turns you on. Let your imagination run wild. Frankly, most fantasies would cause havoc if acted out in real life, so don’t actually invite the beautiful young divorce next door to join you; just pretend!

And Finally…

I was taken with the final chapter of the book when Christine talks about simplifying life, in the ‘forest dweller way’. This idea stems from a form of Hindu teaching about the various stages of life. The first part is for studying, the second for marrying and home building. The third stage, (grandparents) is when we can go off and live in the forest, job done. She acknowledges that we’re unlikely to go off with a tepee into the woods but we can create a ‘forest dweller’ state of mind by simply living more simply, appreciating nature, making time to simply be.

If you are in anyway a baby boomer woman, get this book! And if you want to understand a baby boomer woman, get it also! It was published last year by Piatkus and is in bookshops and available via Amazon.


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  1. Kate Harris says:

    Thanks for the review of ‘Too Young to get old’ a sentiment I fully agree with! I love being older but share moments of doubt naturally. Relationships always need working at and Valentine’s day is a perfect day to make that little bit of extra effort to appreciate your loved one.

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