Toast, Fridays, and Life

As I write this it’s a wet and windy day, a perfect day to have tea and toast, comfort food. And so I’ve just had some with a steaming pot of tea!

But as I was eating my toast I got a client call so put the toast down and went up to my office to consult my diary (am very low tech, pen and paper every time!).

Finishing the call, I got caught up with some emails and Tweeting but then I got that slight nagging feeling, of something forgotten, do you know what I mean? Something wasn’t quite right. I only had a mouthful or so of toast left but I knew I hadn’t properly finished it. My stomach kept nudging me saying, give us that last bit! So I went back downstairs, searched for it (how does toast get lost!) and complied with my stomach’s request. And I felt better. Not hugely better, I just knew I had finished it.

Friday Finish

Work can be like that. Sometimes we leave inconsequential bits of work unfinished, or get disturbed and don’t go back. It’s not normally earth shattering stuff. Its the smaller day to day things that get left out, like maybe you were on your way to thank someone when you got waylaid. Or you were going to send out an email as the phone rang and it got forgotten. But it niggles at the back of your mind, like a morsel left uneaten.

So, maybe today, before finishing up for the week end you can bring some of those little morsels to the fore, and finish your week sated and satisfied!


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