The Lunch Break Mind Spa!

Is your mind always awash with possibilities? Do you feel there is a ‘white noise’ constantly in the background? If so, you could probably do with a little mind de-cluttering! It doesn’t have to be a major deal, you can do it in your lunch hour. See it as the mental equivalent of clearing a space to sit in and relax for a wee while. Give yourself some head space and take a break by trying out these three simple exercises in your next lunch break.

Three easy tips for mind de-cluttering

  • Bring yourself fully into the present for just three minutes. It’s not long but if you are not used to it you’ll probably need a few goes at it. Whatever you are doing, eating a sandwich say, focus exclusively on it, (assuming you are somewhere safe and don’t eat your sandwich atop some scaffolding like that famous poster!) Look closely at your sandwich, notice the tiny holes in the bread, the way the filling is piled inside.  Take care over the eating of your sandwich and pay attention to what you are about to eat. And as you eat it really savour every mouthful. Notice how the combination of food feels inside your mouth, how long it takes to chew. Try not to allow your mind to wander to what you have to do later. Just focus totally on the task in hand, don’t think about the past, or the future. Be totally in the now.
  • Next, focus on how you feel. Do a little mini audit, examine your emotions as well as any physical feelings. Once you’ve identified, for example, that you feel warm and maybe a little irate, work out where these feelings have come from. You may feel warm because you have just run up a flight of stairs, or because the sun is streaming through the windows. Are you warm comfortable? Or warm and uncomfortable? Just notice. Where has that touch of irateness come from? Don’t try to analyse, just notice and evaluate. Perhaps on the run up the stairs you passed someone from the office of a colleague with whom you are in dispute. Until you stop to check out your feelings you may not even have been aware what you are holding onto.
  • After you’ve finished your sandwich sit back and look around at your fellow (wo)-man. Again just notice what is happening around you, without making any judgements as to why they are happening. Always coming to a conclusion or making judgements on folk can be mentally draining. Try to suspend your story-making and judging faculties for ten minutes or so, especially if your job requires this of you regularly. If you see someone dressed unusually, for example don’t jump to a judgement about them. Just notice and allow it to wash over you. If someone says something that normally would rile you, just smile and accept it as their point of view.

That’ s your mini mind spa over! Don’t worry if it doesn’t come easily; with a little practice it will and you can give yourself a mind de-clutter in every lunch hour if you wish!

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