The Alternative Garden of Eden…

I found this story recently on the excellent Businessballs web site and it has really tickled my fancy. You could call it the alternative view… It isn’t attributed to anyone as far as I’m aware. An alternative view.

God and Eve talking

God, I’ve been thinking..” says Eve one day.

“What’s on your mind, Eve?” says God.

“Well, I know that you created me and this beautiful garden and all of these wonderful creatures, but lately I’ve been feeling that maybe there’s more to life.”

“Go on…” says God.

“Sometimes I get a bit bored – I fancy a bit of fun. And I get a bit fed up with all the heaving lifting and carrying, and warding off the mammoths and sabre-toothed tigers, not to mention that bloomin’ snake. This garden can be dangerous place.”

“I see,” says God, pausing for thought. “Eve, I have a cunning plan, I shall create Man for you.”

“Man?” asks Eve, “What is Man?”

“Man…” says God, “Is a flawed creature. He will have many weaknesses and bad habits. Man may lie, cheat and give in to temptation – in fact mostly he’ll be a complete pain in the backside. But on the plus side he’ll be big and strong, and will be able to protect you, and hunt and kill things, which might be handy sometimes. He will tend to lose control of mind and body when aroused, but with a bit of training can be quite good company, if you know what I mean.”

“Hmm,” says Eve, “Seems like this Man idea might be worth a try, but tell me God, is there anything else I need to know?”

“Just this,” says God, “Man comes with one condition… In keeping with his character, Man will naturally believe that he was made first, and frankly we all have better things to do than argue, so you must keep all this a secret between us, if that’s okay with you. You know, woman to woman..”

With apologies to men everywhere who are obviously not like this stereotype at all. My payback for all those ‘blonde’ jokes over the  years!

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  1. Jayne says:

    heh heh … love it!

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