Take a Break and Get Creative

I’ve been nurturing the idea for an ebook for a while – I’ve even roughed out the chapters. But somehow I’ve just never got round to it actually putting it together in a coherent form. It began to feel like a chore I had to do, rather than the pleasure it started out as.

So, following in the footsteps of the great and the good and on advice from my accountant (I have a wonderful accountant), I decided to take a break somewhere and do nothing but write!

Which is why I have ended up on the beautiful Isle of Arran. The picture opposite is a near as I can find to the view I have from my window now as I write this. It is glorious and it is working its magic. I am two chapters into the book (once we’d sorted out a few technical issues), and woke this morning raring to get on with it.

I know it’s not always possible for all sorts of reasons to get away, or to get a proper break from day to day living, but a change really can be as good as a rest. As the long holiday week end approaches I urge you to do something different if you can. Maybe change routines, visit a local beauty spot, nourish your inner soul. Walk an alternative route to buy your paper, visit a museum, get some fresh air. Anything that will hopefully put something back into your personal bank and see you through the months ahead.

Have a great Spring Break!

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  1. Melanie McDonald (MelMcDonaldArt) says:

    I was also in Arran a couple of weeks ago! Walked up Goatfell, had fantastic weather and came back ready to create! Nice post Jane, thanks again.

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