Shift Your Butt Day!

I love my job and one of the perks is that I get to know some amazing women and occasionally get given some great books to read. Professor Karen Pine combined the two; we did a fab interview together (click here to read it), and ever since she has sent me her books.  I have reviewed a couple of them*,  and others I often use when working directly with women.

I was reminded of the ‘Shift Your Butt’ exercise yesterday when running an in house seminar. I laughingly suggested that participants could try sitting somewhere else in the room after the break. Of course, they didn’t want to and resolutely stayed put. People rarely do. We get comfortable with our situation very quickly and even if we don’t much like the view, at least we know it!

Which is fine sometimes but resolutely staying put doesn’t lead to a life of growth, development and discovery. And more fun!

So, for one day only, why don’t you try the ‘Shift Your Butt’ Exercise?

Today, don’t sit anywhere you would normally sit. Whether it’s at the dining table, at work, watching TV or in a meeting, see the world from a different place.

Go on, give it a go! See what happens and do let me know.

*One of Karen’s books is reviewed here – Sheconomics .  You can read my book policy here but briefly if I don’t think books are helpful to you I don’t talk about them. I have a shelf full of books which didn’t make my grade.

Photo Credit: Juliane Riedl


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