Scourer or Soft Flannel?

Do you find you often turn to the same trusted advisers for advice? Have you ever thought about trying someone else?

I was engaging in one of my favourite activities the other day – lazing in a hot scented bath listening to the radio. I reached behind me to grab for what I expected to be a soft soapy flannel and, before I realised that it wasn’t, started rubbing it across my skin.

Well, that was a bit of a shock! Not the nice smooth strokes I had been expecting but a rude awakening! Somehow I’d got hold of the bath scourer and not my luxurious flannel.

Scourer Advice or Soft Flannel?

I wouldn’t recommend a bath scourer for a luxury time, although it did ‘refresh’ me and bring a new perspective to my bath time! The surprise attack of the bath scourer certainly interrupted my quiet reveries and woke me up. Which set me thinking, who are the soft flannels in your life? Have you got friends you regularly ask for advice because you know you will get a nice soft positive stroke? You know they will be supportive and could probably predict with 99% accuracy what they might say to you. There is nothing wrong with that, we all need it from time to time and supportive friends are worth their weight in gold..

But sometimes, a soft positive stroke is not what is required. Sometimes we may need the shock of the bath scourer to shake our complacency, to wake us up and make us think again.

So, if you wanted a really honest opinion from someone, no holds barred, who would you ask? Would you ask them? Who are your bath scourers? And do you use them enough…?


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