Qualifications Don’t Work!

Well, not on their own they don’t!

Women have a tendency to accrue lots of qualifications and experience before applying for the next step up.

Are you one of them? Do you feel you really have to know your current inside out and upside down and backwards before even thinking about promotion? Do you think that someone will notice your hard work and be fair? I.e. promote you?

Women Must be PERFECT?

If you answered yes it wouldn’t be surprising. Just think about all the chat about women and statutory quotas; the underlying thread of the nay sayers is that women who weren’t good enough might get promoted onto boards. So, should we deduce from that all men are perfect when they claim their seat on the board? I think not…

Of course qualifications and experience are good, and help in getting jobs, but don’t hang about waiting until you are perfect because in the meantime the men (who overplay their attributes and skills) will have grabbed the jobs!

You don’t have to be perfect! Good enough is good enough to start with!

Take a look at What Every Woman Needs to Know About Getting Ahead, the spark for this post. And if this is an area you’d like to develop, Speak Up is for you!

Photo Credit: Justas Cekas


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