Problem Solving From New Angle – ReFrame!

When you get stuck with a problem try this technique – re-frame your issue!

The idea of re-framing has its roots in family therapy work, in helping people look at issues from a new perspective. When you are able to grasp a new perspective, issues which have been a worry can be seen in a different light, different options may appear, and that can help to lighten the load.

Take a Different You

So the next time you feel overwhelmed with a problem, at work or in your personal life, try looking at it from a different angle. You can even do this using different facets of your self. For example, what would the you at your most confident and assured think of this? What might a much older version of you think of this situation? Or what might your view of this have been when you were much younger? This will help you realise just how much knowledge and experience you’ve gained in life.

Pick a Person

Another way of using the reframing technique is to imagine how someone else would view the issue. Literally put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Using everything you know about them, or can imagine, try to hear what they would say or do about the situation. Would it be a bother to them? An exciting challenge? Would they tackle it head on or would they come at it obliquely? Would they even see it as a problem? If there is a colleague you particularly admire try and imagine how they would deal with the problem. It gives you options.

Reframing for Success

Many of the biggest successes and ideas have come from someone taking a new look at a what on the face of it might be a problem. Remember, Post It Notes, now found in every office, started life as failed glue until someone re-framed the problem!


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