Motherhood, Nature & Music

A while ago I wrote a post featuring Alice Herz-Sommer. I recently heard that Alice is still alive, (107 last birthday), still lives alone in her London flat and continues to practise piano for two and a half hours every day. There’s an advert for the power of music and application!

I wrote about this remarkable woman in a piece on change, how people adapt and survive. Alice, a Jew, had survived the concentration camps but more than that had established a remarkable career as a concert pianist and shown no trace of bitterness at all. No hate. “Everything is a present“.

There have been many interviews with her and a best selling book; you can see a BBC one here. If you have time, I recommend that you take a look for she is truly inspirational. If I am feeling a bit fed up about something inconsequential, I only have to think of her to find my mood changing. Her philosophy on life is truly humbling and wonderful.

Meaning of Life

Alice has her own take on spirituality or religion and she describes it thus:

  • the love of a mother for her child
  • the beauty and wonder of nature
  • music.

We can’t all be mothers or musicians, but we can all appreciate the beauty of nature. Whether you are in the city or the countryside, take a look around you and wonder at nature. Lift your spirits and let an amazing woman inspire you today!

Alice’s biography, A Garden of Eden, is in all good libraries, bookshops and via Amazon


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