More Women Please!

I’m listening to a debate on the radio (BBC Woman’s Hour) and one of our female MPs has just said we need both women and men in government and we need positive discrimination to achieve it.

The debate has gone on in the usual way with opponents saying positive discriminating for one sector means discriminating against another and it means they would just be token women in posts.  The best person should get the job.

The Best Person for the Job is Male?

Of course, the best person should get the job. But my counter argument would be that women have not had a say in determining what is ‘the best person’ and by and large standards that are applied are those which suit males better than women. And until women are given an equal chance that will not change.

The evidence is that when BOTH women and men are involved on an equal footing the bottom line goes up (see Why Women Mean Business). It’s not about being anti men, or pro women. It’s about having a society which values all its members and values what they bring to the party! And because the rules were only set by one half of the population we haven’t yet achieved that. If the situations had been reversed and women ruled the world I’m sure we would have ended up with a similar issue.

And we’ve changed attitudes in the past by changing the rules. Let’s face it, if we hadn’t  we still wouldn’t have universal suffrage and B&B establishments would still be allowed to have signs up saying ‘No Irish and No Blacks’, which they did in my lifetime.


Also in my lifetime women could lose their jobs by marrying, didn’t get maternity leave, were marked differently at 11 plus because girls passed more often than boys so they had a higher pass mark to achieve, had to pay tax according to their husband’s income and couldn’t sign financial agreements on their own.

Legislation changed that.

By the way, I’m not 300 years old. I’m 55.

Photo Credit: Annika Banfield


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