More to Life Than Shoes

Now, I’d better begin this review with a disclaimer, I am featured in this book and rather thrilled about it. Now you know the truth…

The thing is, even if I wasn’t I genuinely would like this book! It’s sub titled ‘How to Kick-Start Your Career and Change Your Life’ and it’s a great book to pick up when you need, well, a kick to get moving!

The book is not really a traditional manual telling you how to get a new a job; it’s jam packed full of stories from women who have changed their lives and followed their passions, interspersed with snippets and articles from professionals in the field. There is some great advice and the women who have shared their stories really will inspire you. Within the pages you’ll find stories from Sarah Beeny and  a female fighter pilot, just to name two!

Here’s an example of what you can find within the covers:

Try This: Skill Swap
One way of getting help without actually paying any money for it is to swap skills. We’re sure you have loads of skills you could offer to someone in exchange for the helping you out. You might be good at gardening, speaking Spanish, sewing, typing or getting your head round the accounts – whatever the strings to your bow, write them down, and then get together with your friends and set up a Skill Swap.”

It’s written in a very easy to read style, and packaged in a small neat book you can easily take with you to work, or on a journey to dip into as required. At £8.99 it won’t break the bank and could be a brilliant investment in your future brilliant career. It’s published by Hayhouse and available from all good bookshops, or your library will order a copy for you (use the libraries!), or you can get a copy via Amazon

And my bit? Well, Nadia Finer and Emily Nash, the authors, asked if they could use something I had written called Ten Tops Tips for Managing Difficult Conversations. It was a free download I was sending out with my newsletter and they had received it when subscribing. Well, they certainly inspired me as it set me on the path of rewriting the tips into a much longer ebook for subscribers. And it’s still free!


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