Mascara and Mistakes!

Have you ever been happily putting on your eye make when a blob of rogue mascara somehow kamikazies off the wand and comes to rest on your beautifully moisturised cheek?

And have you ever left it for a moment while you continue with the doey eyed look you’re aiming for with that new eye shadow, only to find when you then flick at it that it leaves a large black smear on your face?

And have you then tried to wipe it off with loo paper only to find that a bigger mark appears and that one cheek looks decidedly un-moisturised, red and blotchy, and your carefully applied make up is ruined and you look like you’re about to set out on Army manoeuvres?

And you have to start again?

Have you then been and bought a product which takes mascara off with the minimum of fuss? Possibly even eschewed the loo paper for soft organic cotton wool? You may have had to try a few products until you’ve found one that suits you but eventually you settle on one that works well for you.

And My Point Is…?

I am frequently asked how do I do this or that in relation to my business and my web site. The truth is, of course, that I don’t actually do it all myself. I have done the career equivalent of blobbing mascara all over my face and then going for the quick fix (hurriedly grabbed loo paper!). And really it hasn’t worked well…not the look I was aiming for…

Just to be clear, I write all my own material, I design and deliver all my own courses, I write my own talks, but when it’s necessary I bring in the experts. Or the purpose designed make up remover! I have learned that sometimes an investment of time or money at the right time saves masses of both later on.

If you are struggling at this moment in time, maybe with job applications, starting a new blog, serious relationship issues,career indecision, whatever it is; do think about getting some expert help in. You may just need a little advice, you may need more. You may have to compromise according to your purse, but remember there is lots of free advice out there too. If you want to be professional in your approach, develop yourself and your skills then seek out good, sound professional advice which suits you and your style.

Or give up wearing make up!

If you have any examples of your own mascara blob you’re happy to share, I’d love to hear! It may stop some of us making the same mistake!


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