Make Your Dreams Come True!

Do you have a long held dream? A fantasy that one day you will give up the day job, cycle to Memphis, become a dancer, grow your food, start your own B & B…

If so, have you ever taken out your fantasy and had a proper real life look at it? Lots of women confide in me their long held dreams, which is lovely, but often seem surprised when I say,

“What have you done about it?”

Sometimes dreams become a refuge for us, a safe haven where we don’t need to think much. Which is fine if you intend your dream simply to remain a fantasy.

However, if you want to make your dreams a reality, you have to do something!

If you have long held plans to escape to France, for example, have you ever worked out how much money you might need? Which is the best area to live in? Signed up for language classes? Spent a research holiday in the area you like? Or if you want to run a B&B, have you talked to someone who has done just that?

Making your dream a reality may not be imminent but one day it could be. And you want to be ready for that moment! Knowing where you want to be will help with every other decision in your life! Do one small thing every week towards your goal and start making your dreams come true today!


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