Make Hay – the Sun is Shining!

Today the sun was shining as I drove to an appointment. I have a convertible car but it has been such gloomy weather wise that I’ve got used to keeping the lid on.

So I clambered in and started the engine and was about to pull away. And then I noticed that the sun was shining. And that everything looked just a bit better bathed in a golden light. And that it lifted my spirits.

I’m often a bit wimpy about taking off the roof on the way to meetings as it does tend to leave me looking a bit bedraggled. And lately the weather has been so unpredictable here in the West of England that a sudden deluge was not out of the question.

But how often does the sun shine enough to drive with the lid off?

So I took the lid off and sat mindfully for a moment for a two relishing the warmth and the fact that no rain was falling. No point in worrying about rain that had yet to fall.

And I arrived at my appointment looking a bit windswept. But I didn’t care.

Sometimes you just have to take the lid off in life. Don’t you?


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2 Responses to “Make Hay – the Sun is Shining!”

  1. Naomi Richards says:

    I read this blog and loved it. You are so right about taking the lid off life and living dangerously – I used to do it a lot more when I did not hav e kids!

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