Just How Good Are You?

Probably much better than you think! We women are very very very good at underselling ourselves. Modesty is all very well, but if we give ourselves negative messages long enough they become our reality.

So from time to time we need to give ourselves a confidence boost and remind ourselves of all the things we’re good at (if this has you breaking out in a sweat already you need to come on my RenewYou course!)

There will be masses of things you do well. You may feel you don’t match up to the article you’ve just read about the women who has it all as well as unblemished dimple free skin, but trust me she has her unconfident days too!

Beat The Confidence Wobble

So you need to be ready for when the confidence wobble strikes and here’s how. When you’re having a good day list all your qualities, strengths and achievements. I mean everything! Yes, even that certificate you got for when you first swam 100 yards! Keep it close by and add to it as other things come to you.  There should be at least 30 things on this confidence boosting sheet of paper and you can keep adding to it.

Keep the list to hand and next time the wobble strikes, take it out and remind yourself of your talents!  Take yourself back in your mind’s eye to those times when you did well and remind yourself that if you’ve done it once you can do it again!

How do you give yourself a quick confidence booster?

If you’d like to read another very short post on confidence (with cute pic) go to First You Wobble, then You Walk Tall

Photo Credit: Billy Alexander


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