I’m a Feminist, Do You Want a Fight?

It’s really strange but sometimes when I say I’m a feminist I could swear people hear the words, ‘Do you wanna fight?’ That one word can produce such hostile and defensive responses, often accompanied by a list of women in power to disprove the need for me to have such nonsensical ideas. (Interestingly it’s always the same list of women, rather proving my point…)

So for the record…


Being a feminist is not, in my book, about putting men down. Helping women succeed does not mean I want men to fail.

I do not think women are better than men.

I do not think men are better than women.

I do think women are often unwittingly placed at a disadvantage because our business world is largely man made, male behaviours are the norm and those are rewarded. I occasionally get cross about that; I’d passionately like to see a world where what both genders bring to the table is valued equally. I work with women to help them overcome some of these hurdles, as well as on other issues – see here. But it’s not at the expense of putting down men. (And in truth, I sometimes work with men too!)

Radio Interview

In a recent radio interview I was asked “So you think women make better politicians than men? You think they would be better at politics than men?”

No“, I replied, “but I do think politics would be better“.

In truth, I think the whole world would be better if we fully included and made space for, at all levels, the qualities and strengths that women bring. Until we make that possible, I think we’re missing out on a lot of talent and potential.

So, take off the gloves, sit down and let’s talk! What do you think?

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4 Responses to “I’m a Feminist, Do You Want a Fight?”

  1. I usually make a point of trying to say something different when I comment but in this instance I couldn’t agree more 🙂

  2. I think women bring something different to the table when it comes to the world of work. We are known for example as being better multi-taskers.

    • Jane says:

      Hi Naomi, and thanks for the comment. Women do bring something else to the table, although I suspect the multi tasking thing doesn’t stand up to rigorous scrutiny…:)

  3. Coming to this a little late just to say I think we’re still reaping the “rewards”(!) of the very successful media campaign in the ’70s which ridiculed feminism. And gave rise to the phrase so many women heard themselves saying “I’m not a feminist but…” We mustn’t be afraid to be feminists, and men can be feminists too. Let’s all be humans together.

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