How To Stay Motivated When You Hate Your Job? Tip 4

It’s really hard to motivate yourself to get out of bed every day when you really hate your job. Yet we all have to pay the bills and at various times in our lives we just have to put up with it until we can find a job we really want.

Here’s a tip to make the putting up with it more bearable.

Complete the exercise given in Tip 3 and try to be specific about what is missing from your current job. For example:

  • Is it lack of stimulation?
  • Lack of colleagues? 
  • No challenges for you?
  • No prospects of promotion?
  • Too little pay?

It’s important to be as honest with yourself as you can, as not only will this help you find the right job for you, but will also help you find something to fill the gap. If you can’t actually change your job at the moment, what can you do to make good the missing bits? Here are a few ideas:

  • Join an organisation where you will get company, like a reading group, an amateur dramatics company, a walking group
  • Sign up for an evening class which will really stretch you, preferably one which might make a contribution to you getting that dream job in the future
  • Take a second job for extra money, maybe bar work, home selling, selling your craft work at fairs etc. You could even try asking for a raise! It has been known to work…
  • Ask for some extra responsibility, even if at the moment it’s unpaid
  • Consider a sideways move to add to your experience. Depending on your circumstances and aspirations, it may even be worth taking a cut in salary if a job meets all your other requirements. (Honestly, that has worked for some people!)
  • Undertake some voluntary work to add to your CV, such as doing the finances for a charity, or running an event

It’s not always realistic to expect a job to meet all your needs; you have to think wider and more creatively, particularly in times of economic downturn when everything is pared back. With a little bit of imagination you could plug the gaps and have fun too!


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