How to Have BRILLIANT Ideas!

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I was indulging in a little Twitter banter this morning (@JaneCWoods, since you ask). Someone put a light hearted tweet out about not wanting to put the heat on as she was mean with her money. Jumper or switch on?

Accustomed as I am to seeking the positives in everything (!) I replied that she wasn’t mean but being an eco warrior! In slippers…

Be Positive
There then followed about 20 minutes of a daft exchange of ideas. Another follower chipped in and we decided ironing was definitely a no no, creases were the symbol of eco warriors, and we could make a fortune and have an alternative source of energy by bottling hot flush! Thousands of middle aged women plugging into the national grid and saving the world! I think we’re onto something….

Can you see it?

Well, maybe not, but there is a serious point here. When faced with a dilemma, a problem we can’t see a solution to, the ‘sitting down and working it out systematically‘ approach can work, but if you really want to tap into your creative unconscious go mad!

A burst of silliness can work wonders in helping you seek solutions. It’s hard to have silly thoughts on your own so go grab a mate and have some serious fun! Tap into that inner child and if anyone looks askance tell them you’re busy being a creative problem solver! Good luck!

And if you’d like another tip on creativity, take a look at Boost Your Creativity in 3 Minutes.

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4 Responses to “How to Have BRILLIANT Ideas!”

  1. Nerissa Williams says:

    Sometimes tapping into your inner child releases a dormant creative potential, we forget fun can be a great motivator + inspirational tool!

    • Jane says:

      Absolutely Nerissa! And thank you for your fun contribution to the twitter debate. It set me off on a great train of thought. Jane

  2. Glad to be a muse for the morning! I’m constantly inspired by people on twitter, there are not many places you can find such a wide variety of experience, talent and free exchange of ideas. It’s refreshing to see the positive uses of social media, as so much recently has been negative and destructive!

  3. Yes it is true. Think outside of the box and coming up with crazy ideas can provide the answer you are looking for. I do a lot of this in my coaching session with children!

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