How to Give Yourself a Helping Hand!

Our knowledge about how our brains work is increasing all the time. Recently some research into over eating was released which suggest that if we eat with our non dominant hand we can lose weight.

That’s because we’re doing something we do habitually in a different way and thus drawing our attention to it. Because we actually want to lose weight, being mindful of what we’re doing helps us control how much we eat (not to mention throwing a fair bit of food down our fronts!)

Be Different!

Habits are great; if we didn’t do things habitually life could be quite difficult. Knowing how to change gear while having our eyes on the road, avoiding a collision, and taking the right route would be quite difficult if we lost the habits associated with that!

But if we want a quick boost, a jump start in our lives then it’s time to do something differently! So have a do something different day! It may be using your non dominant hand for some mundane tasks, like cleaning your teeth. You may take a new route to a favoured destination. Catch a bus and leave the car behind. The possibilities are endless. Doing some things differently will sharpen your appreciation of life. I’m not promising that you’ll lose weight but you will have a different experience of life for one day!

Do share what you choose to do differently in your life!

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3 Responses to “How to Give Yourself a Helping Hand!”

  1. Maryanne says:

    Thanks for an interesting post. I am always exploring ways to improve focus and to stimulate my brain. I love the idea of using the non-dominant hand to eat and will certainly try it – may actually help mindfulness of what I am eating.

  2. Maryanne says:

    Really interesting how many things we do just because of habit.

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