How to Deal With the Bad Stuff!

It would be a funny old life if we were happy all the time, yet that is a goal we often strive for. We wish it for our children “I just want them to be happy”. Or we say “I just want to be happy again”

Of course happiness is rather wonderful but if were happy all the time we’d probably not know it. We know we’re happy because we’ve had the lows as contrast.

Make Peace With Your Past

Your past is a chapter already written; you can’t change it. For good or ill it’s brought where you are today. Sometimes we can find ourselves dwelling on the negative parts of our past, focussing our energies backwards. Make peace with your past. Accept it for what it was and acknowledge that it’s made you the woman you are today. The troubled times have strengthened you and the happy times have enriched you.

Your challenges and joys have all made you who you are today, and will continue to do so. Accept your past and embrace your present. Savour the smallest of joys and live mindfully.

Enjoy your day!

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