Feminism and Princess Kate

There are days when it feels like I have slipped into a time warp variation and woken up in 1950. Today was one such morning. It was as if the feminist movement had never been.

Sometimes I wonder how it would be if Prince William had married a woman the media thought unattractive? Someone perhaps with frizzy hair, a bit over weight and a tendency to blotchy skin. A woman with a real life past, possibly had even lived with -shock horror- a man before meeting William.

If he had I would seriously fear for the sanity of such a woman. She would be destroyed by the rampant sexism in sections of our society which places ridiculous demands upon women in the public eye and judges them by appearance alone.

Radio 4

I have just listened to a broadcast on the  BBC Radio 4 flagship news programme Today which left me in despair. For what seemed like a disproportionately long time the appearance of the wife of the second in line to the UK throne was totally dissected, including her teeth, her hair and her figure. Like a horse at a sale. It was dehumanising.

Shame on you radio 4. I expected better.

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