Fed Up With Sundays? 6 Tips To Help You Feel Better

If Sundays can find you feeling low, why not try doing something different today. Sundays can be a tricky day for anyone feeling low, or even just a teeny bit flat. I don’t really know why; it’s what people tell me and I know it from my days working in the psychiatric field. Sundays can drag on forever and drag your mood down too.

So here’s some things you might try this Sunday to break that feeling:

  • Get a newspaper that you don’t normally buy (even if you have to hide it in another cover). Challenge your comfortable views by reading the editorial.
  • Walk around your nearest town and look up (don’t fall over). It’s amazing what you spot if you look at the tops of buildings. A whole history can be unveiled before your eyes.
  • Buy a return bus ticket and get on the first bus you see and go wherever it goes. Look out of the window and be a tourist.
  • Help out someone who looks as if they need a helping hand.
  • Declutter a cupboard you normally have to expend a lot of energy to close and never want anyone to open! We’ve all got one. It’s amazing how sometimes taking a bit of control over your physical environment can help you feel more in control of your mental environment.
  • Sort out some things for a charity shop or the next bona fide charity bag that plops onto your doormat. Giving also helps increase our sense of well being so with a declutter and a giveaway you get a double hit!

I hope that gives you a new perspective on Sundays. And do tell me, how are Sundays for you? What’s your week end favourite activity? How do you deal with feeling a little down in the dumps? And if this post has been helpful, you might find Banish Anxious Thoughts of interest too.

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4 Responses to “Fed Up With Sundays? 6 Tips To Help You Feel Better”

  1. Shona Easton says:

    Hi Jane,
    Some great ideas there for anyone at a loose end!
    Sundays for me are always different. Right now I’m in Doha, so for us here, Friday is ‘Sunday’ and Sunday is the start of the working week. Everyone is at work and so I have this routine:
    Up by 8-ish for breakfast before going to very energetic Step Aerobics class. Back from there to relax and see who’s around on FB, Twitter and reading the news online and any new Blogs I usually read.
    Then I do a few hours work (as I now take Fridays off).
    I find it’s great to work when you know you won’t be interupted. No phone calls, no urgent emails to reply to etc etc.
    That’s my day 🙂

  2. Hi Jane, I used to feel that way about Sundays for a long time. Even with going to a church I love, by afternoon I was exhausted and crabby. Now I realize that as the day of rest, which if you believe in God or not makes so much sense, I need to “let” take a nap or do nothing. Programming every day only lasts so long.

    Your tips above are very helpful too because sometimes we need that change of perspective to break the mold.

    • Jane says:

      I think it’s great to have a rest day too, Julie. In UK shops used to be closed all day on Sundays. While I do like to use them sometimes I can’t help feeling that we lost something when the legislation changed.

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