Essential Career Advice for Women – Equal Pay!

Can women get paid on an equal footing with men? Can you get what you’re worth? Well, you can blooming well try!

Women get paid less than men. There are a myriad of reasons why that is so, some of which are outwith your control as an individual. Focus on changing that which is within your control.

There are gender differences in pay levels. Fact. You are not being a hysterical woman if you point that out.

You are not being rude by asking what the salary levels are in your organisation and how they are determined (although a reluctance to tell you is giving you a lot of information!)

Being the longest serving post holder does not automatically deserve more pay. Career breaks need not necessarily mean less pay. Be clear about what you have gained during that break, what you bring back into the organisation. Don’t assume that you deserve lower pay.

Not knowing your worth may mean you get paid less. If an employer can get you on the cheap they will. And if an employer gets you on the cheap they will, albeit subtly, value you less.

If you are giving of yourself cheaply, you may value yourself less.

If you value yourself less you won’t ask for more pay.

Know your worth.

Know the worth of the job you do.

Know the industry norm for the job you do.

Know what your organisation pays others.

Know you have the right to ask for your worth!

You owe it to yourself (and all the women coming after you) to be paid equally with men. Go for it!



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