Eddie Izzard on Being Good, Very Good!

If you have watched the recent documentary on Eddie Izzard you will probably already be an admirer of his tenacity and drive. If you haven’t, I recommend that you do. It’s entertaining, inspirational, and very moving. Quite brilliant.

I was already a fan but listening to his story I was struck again by how high achievers in any field are never overnight successes. They work hard at their craft for their great moments and they know their stuff; they have served their apprenticeship.

And Eddie Izzard certainly knows his stuff. He knew what he wanted and he went for it. And when he went to break new ground in the US he went with humility. He didn’t expect to be an ‘overnight success’;  he applied the same strategy he’d used before. Start small, get a following, learn the US audience, work hard and believe in yourself.

There was one comment in particular that I wanted to share with you. Eddie had always wanted to act and was able to use his comedy platform to get into acting. Someone said to him (I’m paraphrasing as I was too riveted to take notes!):

“But why be an average actor when you are an outstanding comedian?”

And he replied:

“I was once an average comedian”.

Take a leaf from Eddie’s book.  Most of us can get to average; it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be outstanding. Set your goal and go for it! Be outstanding! And if you need any inspiration, I thoroughly recommend a copy of Eddie’s DVD, Believe, The Eddie Izzard Story. It works for me!

Who inspires you to be outstanding?


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3 Responses to “Eddie Izzard on Being Good, Very Good!”

  1. Magic beans seems to be what many people are looking for today, Jane! Thanks for the reminder that with unbelievable success comes dedication and work to get there.

    • Jane says:

      You’re absolutely right, Julie. Some of the instant fame talent programmes seem to have led people to believe you just need publicity. But there’s no quick route to excellence!

  2. Mrs D says:

    this is so true and I think with our X-Factor culture people think it happens in the blink of an eye

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