Does Doing All the Right Things Really Get Women Ahead?

So goes the provocative title from the latest piece of research on gender equality from Catalyst, (a non profit membership organisation for women in business). Their research is usually worth reading so I turned to it with interest.

The Answer is No!

In brief, the research concludes that the answer is no, women do not get ahead by doing all the ‘right’ things! They studied 3,345 what they called ‘high potentials, those likely to succeed who had followed a traditional career programme after completing a full time MBA. They chose a group in full time work, without any breaks etc so as to get as good a comparison between men and women as possible.

Men Benefited More

They found that overall men benefited more than women when adopting the recommended strategies for getting ahead. Even when women used the same career advancement strategies – doing all the things they have been told will get them ahead-they advanced less than their male counterparts and had slower pay growth.  (See my three tips to close the gender pay gap)

9  Classic Strategies for Career Advancement

The report looked at 9 tactics high potential candidates used to advance their careers. Over the next few posts I’ll be looking at the report in bite sized chunks with tip and hints from Catalyst and me! (You can sign up for an RSS feed of the blog posts if you wish, top right).

Meanwhile, please do share your own experiences of career advancement at work. And of course, I am studying the research closely for inclusion into my Speak Up programme. That’s going to be a packed couple of days in Bath!

Photo Credit: Svilen Milev


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