Do You Work Twice as Much as You Need To?

Have you got things in your life that don’t work very well but somehow you just haven’t got round to replacing them? Maybe a clock that is a bit erratic about deciding to share its alarm on time. So you get round that one by setting your mobile phone to go off at the same time?

Maybe you have people in your life that are a bit unreliable too? Perhaps colleagues who aren’t quite reliable enough so you have to make alternative arrangements, have a plan B just in case they don’t deliver?

Perhaps it’s sentiment, perhaps it’s being too busy to take stock, and perhaps it’s fear of making a change, but if this sounds familiar there is a good chance you are working twice as much as you need to.

Sometimes we need to sit down and take a long, hard, realistic look at how we’re spending our time. I’m not suggesting you throw out friends and colleagues who don’t ‘deliver’, but maybe a quiet and assertive word might help both of you. If the idea of saying what you really feel seems daunting, take a look at this article What Stops You Being Assertive?’

And you can actually throw out that inefficient alarm clock!


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