Do You Keep A Diary?

There is a current radio programme where guests in the public eye are invited to read extracts from their teenage diaries and talk about their lives. Very courageous! I’d blush to my roots to air some of my teenage witterings in public…and my Mum might be listening!

It does, however, illustrate beautifully just how far they have come, how they have grown and developed over the years. It’s a real benchmark of their progress in life.

Now I am not suggesting that you air your innermost thoughts to the listening public (!), but in difficult times it can be very uplifting to remind yourself just how much knowledge and experience you have accrued over the years.

Feeling Low?

Next time those feelings of low self esteem invade your thoughts, or you get a knock back at work, take a few moments to reflect. In your mind’s eye conjure up an image of you as you were just before you entered full time employment. In my case, wet behind the ears and convinced I could save the world by being the best social worker ever. I was pretty sure that coming from my working class roots, with my 5 years of further education, meant I knew it all!

And of course, I didn’t. In retrospect I blush. My real learning began when I acknowledged that I didn’t know it all and that the people I worked with were adding in significant measure to my education.

You’ve Come a Long Way

It is almost impossible to go through life with out developing and learning but sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit for how far we have come. Whether you kept a diary or not, imagine you are on that radio programme. What knowledge and skills does your teenage self have? Contrast that with the knowledge and skills and experience you now have. Many of those skills, attitudes and knowledge will have been gained in the hard times. In fact, some of my best life learning (in retrospect) has come because of those hard times.

Try asking yourself this question: What three things would you tell your younger self from the perspective you now have on life?


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One Response to “Do You Keep A Diary?”

  1. Mrs D says:

    I did in my youth and then in Oct 2009 when I joined Fab40 there was a whole series of blogs on journals and gratitude journals so I started to keep one and in it I write the positive aspects of the day and what I am thankful for and I have something positive to look back on – I do this before I go to bed so I don’t have negative thoughts in my head plus you remember all the mountains you have conquered in a week/month/year

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