Do You Feel Lucky, Punk er…Punkette…?

I am lucky, or so my mate tells me.

‘You always win raffles’ she says.

Clearly I don’t or I’d have a house chock full of orphan cuddly toys and last year’s chocolates! But I do buy tickets at charity events and my friend was with me when I won a few times in a row. In her head I am lucky so she doesn’t notice the myriad times I don’t win a thing!

You Can Be Lucky Too!

Luck is a state of mind. Decide to be lucky and amazingly you will be!

Let me share an example with you. I had a pretty hard week last week for lots of reasons I won’t mention; most outwith my control. At the end of the week I was lucky enough (!) to get a trip down to Cornwall to visit friends which was a blessed relief and lovely (I even paddled in the sea!)

On the way home my darling husband’s car exhaust decided to make a bid for freedom and dropped off! How unlucky! I’d had a tiring week and just after a relaxing week end I get this and have to wait hours for recovery….sigh.

Well, no actually. Instead, I thought how lucky that we had such good friends who said come to us at a moment’s notice. How lucky that they live in such a brilliant part of the country. How lucky that we had the hottest October week end in years.

And most of all…

How lucky that we had stopped for a drink and a snack just before the exhaust disgraced itself and I had just been to the loo!There were no bushes for miles….

How lucky are you?

Have a look at Can You Make Yourself Lucky for a less tongue in cheek account!

PS Have you noticed what a strange word ‘lucky’ is. Try saying it out loud a few times! Quietly, or you’ll sound like Kylie Minogue! No bad thing actually!

Photo Credit: Dave Simmonds


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3 Responses to “Do You Feel Lucky, Punk er…Punkette…?”

  1. Ros Baynes says:

    When I was younger I used to marvel,and feel grateful,that I seemed so much luckier than those around me (though never at winning raffles!). It took quite a long time before it dawned on me that my experiences were no different – I just focused on the good bits not the bad bits. Luck is definitely a state of mind.

  2. Inge Dowden says:

    I totally agree that feeling lucky is a state of mind. Our boiler broke last night and we’ve been without hot water and heating since then, and will be until tomorrow. Luckily it’s a very mild night and we invested heavily in insulation, so we’re not freezing. Oh and I can shower at the gym and the spa (which I happened to have booked on these two nights) – how lucky 😉

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