Do Women Still Have to Work Harder Than Men?

I laughed out loud at a joke posted on Twitter recently. It said:

Question -What do you call a woman that works as hard as a man?
Answer: Lazy

But it set me wondering. Is that still true for the younger women of today? Does a young woman setting out on a career today still have to work harder than her male counterparts for the same rewards?

Inevitably all the statistics refer to the past; we know there are currently far fewer senior women than men and that surveys reveal that women still take on the majority of childcare, other family caring, and housekeeping duties. But presumably those statistics relate to women who have come through the system in the last 20 years or so; we know discrimination was very evident then.

Surely things have changed for the better?

What do you think? If you are a young woman pursuing a career, or an older woman in an organisation, I’d really love to hear your views and experiences to date:

  • If you work alongside younger women what have you observed about how young women are treated in your organisation?
  • What is the ethos in your organisation? Lip service or meaningful engagment with the issues?
  • If you are considering a family what impact do you think that will have on your career?
  • Does it feel  possible to combine the two?
  • If you are planning a family, have you factored that into your career planning? Discussed it with your partner?
  • Do you feel that you must prove yourself more than your male counterparts?
  • Do you feel there is still an issue around women and empowerment?

I’d really love to hear back from you. You can send me an email if you don’t want to go public, or use the comments section below. And please do forward onto friends who may have an opinion to share too. Thank you!

Photo Credit: Thomas Hamlyn-Harris


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