Do Women Make a Difference in Boardrooms? Who Cares!

I was listening to my old friend Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 today and Dr Judith Baxter was a guest (see this post Why Can’t Women Speak their Minds in the Boardroom? and look out for my forthcoming interview with her soon via the newsletter). She was talking about her latest research on women and language. It’s fascinating stuff.

Jenni Murray (one of my role models!), the presenter, asked her if women made a difference on boards. Her reply was qualified. She acknowledged that there was research out there which said they did but in her own experience of observing board meetings, she didn’t seem so sure.There was ‘overlap’.

I was momentarily taken aback. But then I realised I didn’t care.

Why should we have to make an argument that women bring something to the table, produce  actual flipping evidence,  simply to have half the population adequately represented in influential areas of all our lives? Surely some things don’t require an evidence base. They are just ‘right’! Women should be there, good bad or indifferent! We have the right to be average, wonderful or downright awful! We’re half the human race for heaven’s sake!

What do you think?

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2 Responses to “Do Women Make a Difference in Boardrooms? Who Cares!”

  1. Ros Baynes says:

    Individuals make a difference – doesn’t matter what sex they are! And women should be there on those boards to bring their individual talents, viewpoints, contributions to the table.

  2. Yes women in the boardroom – why not exactly!!! we have something to say and should be represented.

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