Cool Women Know There is More to Life Than Shoes!

I have to share this with you, dear readers, wait for it– I am officially cool! I know, age 55 and my time has come!

Yesterday I received a book in the post, which is not unusual as I often get them sent to review. Some never see the light of day as I choose only to review books that I think will be useful to you, and are a resource for women I’m happy to have on the site.

This one was slightly different as it had a note saying, “Dear Jane, here’s your copy and thank you so much for contributing!” The book is called ‘There’s More to Life Than Shoes‘(Amazon link). At that moment (It had been a long day) I couldn’t actually remember what I had contributed so turned to the back of the book to read:

Nadia Finer and Emily Nash were stuck in jobs that didn’t match their dreams, when they decided enough was enough, and set off on a mission to find the country’s coolest women and ask them for advice

Cool Women

Amongst the country’s coolest women in the book are BBC presenter of Newsnight and Desert Island Discs, Kirsty Wark, founder of the amazing Kid’s Company, Camilla Batmanghelidjh, Emma Bridgewater of pottery fame, Martha Lane Fox, founder of and so on. I thought at first, there must be a mistake, I can’t be in here, I thought. But I am.

I will review the book in a future post (totally without bias, of course but buy it!). The reason I wanted to share this with you is that almost to the day, 7 years ago I totally gave up my day job (I’d gone part time for the last year), to launch myself into running my own business, Changing People.

My day job was secure, I was well respected and on the career trajectory; the only way was up. But I looked up and knew it wasn’t where my heart was. With the support of my amazing family and friends I took a leap into the dark, gave up my salary and pension, and set myself up in my own business and changed my life dramatically and wonderfully.


If you had told me 8 years ago that I would be chatting to researchers on BBC’s Woman’ s Hour, appearing on an hour long radio show as a guest, being featured in my local paper on a regular basis, having my advice sought after by national magazines, been the keynote speaker at large conferences and smaller networking events, written my own book, devised my own best selling courses, and helped thousands of women make positive and lasting change in their lives I would probably have thought you were mad! And I would have been wrong.

Go For It!

If you have long held dreams in your life don’t abandon them. Take them out and dust them off. Be true to yourself. Most things are possible if you really put your mind to it. Focus your energy where you want your results. Don’t waste time bemoaning your lot, but spend that time much more profitably changing your lot. It can be done. Trust me, I’ve done it!

Photo Credit: Sharon Pruitt


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  1. Kate Harris says:

    Great inspiring article.

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