Career Tips for Women # 19

Stop being so law abiding!

I don’t mean go out and break the law! But I do mean take a bit of time to consider if you are playing to the rules just a little too much. In my experience women ask for permission to do things much more than their male couterparts, even down to issues about taking allocated leave.

There is a fine line between paying someone the courtesy of letting them know your plans, or asking them to validate them. The latter weakens your position, and can make you appear indecisive.

Look again at your job description if necessary or at colleagues on the same scale. Are you taking full advantage of the power and the authority that you have?

Do you find yourself asking permission a lot at work? I find it tends to increase during times of uncertainty as people’s tolerance of risk is lessened and employees toe the line and try to stay below the radar.

Sometimes it really is better to apologise for something you’ve done that live fearful of overstepping the mark. Most successful people take calculated risks in their roles. Use all your power and personal authority within your role. It’s what they employ you for!


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  1. Hi Jane! Good points! I see this all the time with my clients. They would like to make changes but they are afraid to make waves.

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