Candy-floss Makes You Sticky (Stuck)!

I love to think in pictures. And when I get myself in a bit of a pickle my candy-floss picture comes to mind.

Candy-floss is wonderful stuff.  Do you remember watching them spin yours at the fun fair or seaside, money clutched in your hot little hand as the magic began with a teeny sprinkling of sugar which was then spun and spun.

In a matter of seconds something had come of nothing. There was a huge cloud of pink fluffiness where previously there had been only air. And you gratefully grabbed it and within minutes had sticky sugar all over your face! Bliss. But then the stickiness persisted long after the candy-floss (cotton candy) had disappeared.

Possibly your Mum, aunt or sister did the wonderfully hygienic ‘spit on a handkerchief’ routine and then rubbed mercilessly at your face. Or maybe you just stayed sticky, attracting flies and other odd bit of debris in the air.

Adult Candy Floss Syndrome

You may not have heard of Adult Candy-Floss Syndrome (I think I have invented it!) but I suspect you might get an attack now and again.

It’ll creep up on you those times you don’t feel entirely in control, when problems abound. We all suffer from it. We take something relatively small and spin it until it looms large and leaves us stuck. We need the metaphorical equivalent of some vigorous face rubbing to help us get a sense of perspective and see where we can take back some control.

But first we have to acknowledge what we’ve done. Next time you begin to feel overwhelmed with an issue, bring the candy floss image to mind. Ask yourself, is this a real and tangible problem? if so, this post may help. If not, start spitting on that hankie!

Photo Credit: Vera Reis


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2 Responses to “Candy-floss Makes You Sticky (Stuck)!”

  1. Jayne M Cox says:

    I think you have invented it Jane! I call them porridge moments, when you get totally stuck, or that’s how it appears!

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