Been Slutwalking Lately?

Slutwalking is the latest movement in feminism sweeping Europe and the US. It sprang up pretty spontaneously after a Canadian police officer dredged up the old sore of females dressing like ‘sluts’, and thereby poor chaps couldn’t but help themselves but commit sexual attacks on women. So women have only themselves to blame….Demeaning to both sexes, I’m sure you’ll agree but symptomatic of a widely held view.

Masses has been written on the subject but here are two articles I found particularly helpful; I’d like to share them with you. One is from the US and the other from the very excellent Suzanne Moore writing in The Guardian newspaper.

Click here for the US article, and here to read Suzanne. Let me know what you think. Would you join a slutwalk? Have you been on one?

Right, anyone for a slutwalk? Apparently you can dress just as you wish. There’s a novel idea…

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One Response to “Been Slutwalking Lately?”

  1. Clare says:

    I was really uncomfortable about the slutwalk idea until I worked out the root of my problem. I’ve forged a career in a male-dominated environment and I always wear trousers in the office. I mistook the slutwalk message as one that undermines my claim to be a feminist. “Real feminists don’t cover up their legs at work, they mince about in a basque 24/7 – conformist dress is pathetic”. Once I realised this, I quickly sorted it out in my own head. Rape has nothing to do with clothing and nor does business acumen, so actually, we’re all on the same side. I still don’t particularly want to join a slutwalk, but at least now I get it. All dressing is dressing up; and all women are meant to be in charge of their own dressing up box.

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