Be Happy All The Time? No Thanks!

Regular readers of this blog will know that I do not promote the school of perpetual happiness – that way madness lies! Well, for me anyway…

When I was about 17, a friend sent me a postcard of the type very popular then, which read:

Into every life a little rain must fall’. It was accompanied by a kitschy drawing.

I can remember thinking,” Oh I hope not!” But, umpteen years on from that seventeen year old girl, I am very grateful for my periods of rain. They have taught me the meaning of happiness, contentment, and living in the moment.

Happiness means many different things to each of us, and the older I get, the more happiness I seem to find unbidden in the strangest of places (another benefit of ageing!). Like love, you can’t use it all up.

People often say to me that my posts are always so positive, always upbeat, and am I like that? Obviously I’m not all the time. Things get to me the same as everyone else and I have had my fair share of problems. But I know dwelling on what doesn’t work is a very good way to make yourself miserable. So when I am down, I dip into my happiness bank and pull out a happy memory to make me smile, and my mood soon alters.

I often ask my ‘inspirational women‘ when are you happiest? Today I’m asking you! Please tell me, When are you happiest?


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3 Responses to “Be Happy All The Time? No Thanks!”

  1. Karen Redman says:

    Perpetual happiness always seems such a good idea but, if any of us actually experienced it, how on earth would we ever know that we were happy? We NEED the unhappy times in order to appreciate the happy ones. Finding the right balance between the two is of course more difficult.

  2. Lynn MacAskill says:

    I’m happiest when I FEEL ok within myself, with my relationships, with work, and with life in general. The balance is there. I find that I constantly strive to meet that balance and agree that we need the ups and the downs to appreciate what we have (and sometimes what we don’t have!)

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