Are You Pot Bound?

I’m not talking illegal substances here! I’m talking about room to grow and ultimately blossom.

I re-potted a plant at the week end. I bought the plant ages ago in a supermarket sale which is not always a good place to buy plants but I felt sorry for it (Honestly – who knew supermarket shopping could be so emotional). I just knew I could revive it so I took the poor wee thing home.

I left it for a while on my office window sill and every day I looked at it and thought:

I’m going to do something about you soon” But other things kept getting in the way and because it was in my office I wasn’t reminded of it at week ends when I was getting down and dirty in the garden.

Bloom Room

However, this week end I actually did remember to do something about it. I took it from it’s old pot, with difficulty, to find the roots had been trying to escape and were coiled tightly all around the sides. I gave it a good soaking, some feed, and a brand new pot and popped it back on my windowsill, thinking “you’ll look good in a week or two“.

Miracle Cure

I came onto my office this morning and was amazed! My plant is looking wonderful. It’s as if it’s had a huge great stretch and become beautiful and confident ( I read a lot into my plants and naturally I was coaching it during the stressful re-potting business…). It has come into its own and is clearly benefitting from the move to a bigger pot, a bit of TLC, and some food.

Do You Need to Move?

So, my question to you is: is it time for you to make a move?

  • Do you have room in your current pot to grow and develop?
  • Have you been thinking about doing something for a while but got pot bound without realising it?
  • Are you a bit stuck with roots all over the place so that uprooting seems a formidable task?
  • Do you need a bit of support to make changes? Some food, new soil? To let some light into your life?

It’s amazing what a move can do for you and you may see the results sooner than you think! Go on, be bold! Allow yourself to grow to your full potential!

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